• Magi Planet


    Full of ambitions, you pursue your dreams fervently, wholeheartedly…
    When faced with challenges, extra support and power is what you need.

    Introducing …
    Magi Planet – a planet full of joy and vitality!
    In this magical realm, you exude the indomitable spirit of Magi popcorn!
    Sweet, spicy, salty, savory, exotic and exuberant.
    Every taste is possible, with no borders nor boundaries.
    Take a bite, one after another, to feel an endless supply of energy and creativity.
    Like popcorn, you blossom at high temperature and pressure.
    Nothing can stop you now as you speed on the road to success!

    Everything is POPssible!

  • Magi Planet

    【Innovative Style and Unique Taste】

    Why should popcorn be either salty or sweet? We try hard to think outside the box. Each

    flavor will refresh your mind and every piece of popcorn will make you wonder! Unparalleled

    in our work, we invent unique flavors.

    For continual innovation, we develop products that have no equal. Here is when you start to

    fall in love with us: your first time will be unforgettable.

    【Persistence upon the Highest Quality】

    We always treat every customer as our best friend. We want to share the best

    with each other and that results in our pursuit for the highest quality. From the selection of

    corn, to the process of sifting, to the packaging of popcorn before wrapping up, we refine

    and eliminate end items of less plumpness in the hope that customers can feel our

    dedication in each bag of popcorn!

  • TEAM
  • Magi Planet

    【Sincere Service that Makes Our Original Intention Unforgettable】

    We like the feeling of being liked, so we strive to offer the best service. Being cared

    about matters to us, so we strive to polish our artwork. We want every one of our

    friends to know, what we sell is not merely popcorn, but a spirit, an attitude, and…

    A long-awaited service of high quality!

  • Magi Planet

    【Featured Top Natural Ingredients】

    The level of each work reflects the selection of ingredients.

    We dare not to serve food of lower quality, so we use only use the best, most

    natural ingredients. We want every friend to have the best bite with a

    mouthful of the greatest satisfaction!

    Healthy, natural, delicious, and authentic: that is are our commitment!